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We work to deliver above-average long-term returns by exclusively investing in thoroughly analyzed equities.

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Why Equities?

In short, unparalleled potential. Since businesses are only limited in scope by the capabilities and imagination of their leaders and employees, their potential for growth is unlimited. Unlike investments in real estate, gold, and fixed-income products, companies can deploy various tools and strategies to create value for investors.

Products & Services

Companies can propel society forward, generate employment, and create shareholder value by creating the goods and services that make modern life possible.

Expansion & Acquisitions

They can grow by entering new geographic markets. In addition, they can create synergies, diversify product lines, and expand market share by acquiring competing and complementary businesses.

Innovation & Efficiency

Companies can re-imagine how things should work and make ideas come to life. They can also improve their financial position by implementing cost-cutting and efficiency-enhancing technologies.

Share Repurchases

They can return capital to investors by buying back their shares. Reducing the number of shares outstanding can increase earnings per share (EPS), which can translate into higher share prices.


Growth of $1 USD 1950-2020

Below we share historical performance of various popular investment asset classes.

S&P 500

$1 invested in the S&P 500 Index in 1950 grew to $2,236 by 2021!

Created with Highcharts 9.3.3S&P 500US InflationCorporate Bonds10 Year Treasury BondsResidential Real EstateGold1960198020002020$1$10$100$1000$10000