Client Experience

Client Evaluation

After a detailed presentation of our services and investment methodology, our advisors perform a financial check-up and ask about your financial goals. Then, we deliver a monthly contribution that we estimate will allow you to achieve your desired income at retirement.

Our team also helps you identify financial resources and provides financing ideas hoping to help you use your capital more effectively to repay debt, make alternative investments, and pursue your financial goals.

Account Opening

Once our investment advisory agreement and client suitability form are complete, we guide you through the brokerage account opening and funding process. Our operations team works with you and your current broker or advisor to deposit funds, transfer positions, and roll over or consolidate retirement accounts.

Portfolio Development

In our view, investment opportunities in our preferred stocks materialize as disparities between current market prices and our fair value estimates. Markets can be overvalued or undervalued. Our primary function is to continually monitor market prices for these disparities and populate your portfolio with our preferred companies at what we consider advantageous prices.

Put simply; we value and track a select group of companies we consider outstanding and add them to your portfolio when we believe they will yield above-average long-term returns. Even though your contributions may be regular, we wait for what we consider opportunities to invest. Fully diversified portfolios typically contain stocks in 100 or more companies.

See Selection & Analysis for an in-depth description of how we select and value our preferred companies.

Performance Reporting

We believe in transparency. Our monthly reports detail how your portfolio has performed against the S&P 500 for various periods, including since inception. Check your statement from your current broker or advisor. Do you see an annualized rate of return since inception against the S&P 500?

Our team is always available to discuss your performance reports, holdings, or our process. We also provide periodic newsletters during relevant market events and interesting new ways to look at your investment portfolio.